555 Samples

555 SDK helps to build features like Video/Audio calls, Multi video conferences, PSTN calling and Multi Chat components. This is a collection of some samples to demonstrate how to integrate those features easily in to your applications

The code for all samples is available at 555 Samples

555 Video Call

This example will show you how to make a one to one video call with 555 js sdk

Screen Sharing

This example code will show you how to share your screen in a video call using 555 sdk

PSTN Calls

This example will show you how to do PSTN calls and implement advanced features by using 555 sdk

555 Chat

This example will show you how to integrate 555 js sdk for supporting Chat

Note : This example will launch two browser tabs demonstrate basic chat, Please check popup blocker if it doesn't open new tabs

555 StreamIn

'555 Stream-In Theater' is an application that provides a remote video streaming experience in a session that you can join with a group of friends. where participants can see, talk and chat to each other and share the viewing of a video together in real time.​ ​

Source code is available at 555 StreamIn